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Bugatti Tourbillon: The Ultimate Hybrid Hypercar

Bugatti Tourbillon: The Ultimate Hybrid Hypercar

When you hear the term hybrid, you expect the vehicle to have a small engine. That’s not the case for the Bugatti Tourbillon.

The most expensive new car in the entire automotive market is the Tourbillon. It’s also the first hybrid hypercar from Bugatti. Although it has a hybrid powertrain, you won’t find disappointing power from this incredible car. Bugatti added the Rimac technology to this car to make it one of the most incredible hypercars ever made. This is the second new model since Rimac and Bugatti merged together to create a partnership that other boutique automakers won’t be able to match.

A whole new powertrain setup

The new Tourbillon brings the same cylinder count as its predecessors, the Chiron and Veyron. These cylinders have a new configuration, giving this a new 8.3-liter V16 setup with a cross-plane crank that delivers up to 986 horsepower and 664 horsepower from the naturally aspirated engine.

The loss of forced induction from the quad-turbocharger setup seems like a step in reverse, but that’s not the case. There are three electric motors to add more power to the mix. Two electric motors are attached to the front axle, and another is situated at the rear. These three motors deliver 789 horsepower to the mix. His combination delivers 1775 horsepower, making this one of the most powerful new cars in the market.

For those drivers concerned about electric driving range, the Bugatti Tourbillon travels nearly 30 miles on electric power, but that’s certainly not a major concern among those spending nearly $4.6 million to add this car to their collections.

The cabin delivers an incredible feeling

When you have a car that costs as much as this Bugatti, you expect it to have incredible materials and ergonomics to justify the cost. The combination of Bugatti and Rimac allows this car to provide incredible comfort and amazing features that blow the minds of onlookers. It has dihedral doors, a lower, more aggressive profile, and a style that oozes out of every area of the cabin.

The gauge cluster looks a lot like a high-end mechanics timepiece, giving this car the desired readings on the dashboard. This attractive gauge cluster is attached to the steering column, which means it’s always visible to you during the drive. As you might expect from such an expensive car, the glass covering the dials is milled sapphire crystal, which is a material watchmakers use to keep the glass scratch resistant.

Forget the screens

Can a car withstand the test of time? It can if the gauges and displays are offered in such a way as to keep the car relevant. That happens when you don’t put screens in a vehicle. The Bugatti Tourbillon has analog displays and dials to make it a vehicle that will be admired and relevant 50 years from now. The analog look of the dashboard is sculpted and incredibly attractive. It will keep your attention for a long time, even if you’re not driving this amazing car.

If you must have a screen, there is a small screen display available, but this screen folds away leaving a crystal spine of the console in your view when you don’t see the screen.

How about the exterior?

It’s easy to see the Tourbillon and instantly know it’s a Bugatti product. This incredible car has the horseshoe grille and C-shaped dividing line at the rear of the cabin. This car fits in the family with the Chiron and Veyron with its incredible style but unique personality that makes it even better. There isn’t a single component of this new hybrid hypercar shared with its predecessors. The signature elements are more aggressive than before, and the fenders are wider.

Airflow is a must

The Bugatti Tourbillon controls airflow with various entry points at the headlights and C-lines, giving this car plenty of air running around its body. There’s a carbon-fiber underbody diffuser that runs under the rear half of the car. You’ll find a rear wing that works as an airbrake to help push the car down on the track on its way to a top speed of 277 mph. It only takes this incredible Bugatti 2.0 seconds to reach 60 mph and 25 seconds to hit 250 mph.

There will be 250 versions of the Tourbillon made, making this car another of the most exclusive and sought-after Bugatti supercars in the world. Production of the Bugatti Tourbillon should begin in 2026, and its likely that all 250 models will be on reserve before production every starts. This car will be sold mostly to buyers who have a record of buying Bugatti or Rimac models in the past.

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