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2026 Audi A7: New Name, Same Luxury Gas-Powered Excellence

2026 Audi A7: New Name, Same Luxury Gas-Powered Excellence

The new 2026 Audi A7 is a luxury car of a different variety; sort of. Audi is changing its naming structure, making the new A7 model the gas-powered version.

Audi will use even numbers for electric models, while the odd numbers are reserved for gas-powered models. The current A6 sedan and wagon models will become the all-new A7 for 2026. Most recently, an Avant version of this new A7 has been spied testing, offering a wagon-like build for this new version. Could the new A7 Avant become the luxury car you want to drive? It’s possible this wagon won’t make it to the United States.

A new style presents itself

The new generation Audi sedans bring more organic qualities to the styling elements of each vehicle. The new A7 enters the C9 generation with a honeycomb mesh grille on the front with angular headlights and vertical air curtains. You’ll enjoy the admirably bold and aggressive stance that makes this car a great choice when its time to get behind the wheel.

Along the side, you’ll find an impressive and upgraded design with flush-mounted door handles and curved bodywork. The cabin has an upward-sweeping beltline, and its sleek styling makes this car look aggressive, even when it’s wearing the wagon body style.

As we move to the rear, the new 2026 Audi A7 features slender OLED taillights that are connected by a thin light strip with vertical elements at the outer edges. The rear bumper is curved, and below this, you’ll see a dual exhaust system that looks powerful and sophisticated at the same time.

What about that powertrain?

The new lineup of A7 models should have an improved version of the MLB platform, which is also known as the Premium Platform Combustion. This means that the new A7 is bigger than the current A6, which will make this new model a real flagship vehicle.

Stricter emissions regulations mean a move toward hybrid and plug-in hybrid models to make this car more efficient and exciting. The PHEV models will likely have a 14.4-kWh battery pack that allows the new A7 to drive up to 60 miles on electricity. This would make the A7 one of the longest-range PHEVs in the market.

Although we’re unsure what the hybrid systems will use as an engine, the performance-oriented S7 and RS& models could have a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine and 17.9-kWh battery pack that delivers up to 700 horsepower. This is only speculation at the moment, but this powertrain is already being used in the Porsche Panamera.

While you wait

Until the 2026 Audi A7 becomes a reality, you can choose the A6 and enjoy a luxurious drive in a car that brings good performance and plenty of comfort. The naming change hasn’t occurred for the Audi lineup yet, but it’s coming. The A6 is a good midsize sedan that will be replaced by a larger A7 in 2026.

If you chose the current A6 to drive for the next few years, you’ll find a car that has three impressive powertrains. The A6 45 has a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 261 horsepower, the A6 55 uses a turbocharged V6 engine that produces 335 horsepower, while the S6 has a higher-performing twin-turbocharged V6 engine that sends 444 horsepower to the wheels.

In true Audi form, there are three trims offered: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige.

Changes to the 2024 model

You won’t find many upgrades to the current version of the Audi A6. This car has some cosmetic upgrades, including a revised front end, interior changes, and new wheel designs. Every model now has a set of Matrix-design LED headlights. The Premium Convenience Package now has adaptive cruise control, and the Premium Plus and Prestige trims have multi-color ambient interior lighting. The Executive Package receives dual-pane acoustic glass and traffic sign recognition.

Enjoy the impressive audio system

The current Audi A6 has an impressive Bang & Olufsen audio system with 705 watts and 16 speakers the is an optional system for this car. There’s even a more impressive option which gives you a 19-speaker/1,820-watt system for the S6 and RS 6 Avant models. If you love to listen to your music while you drive, you’ll love these sound systems.

While you wait for the new 2026 Audi A7 to show up, you can drive and enjoy the current model of the Audi A6. The new A7 will be a top-tier gas-powered luxury car that comes in a sedan and wagon build to give us excellent new options for driving excitement and fun.

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2026 Audi A7: New Name, Same Luxury Gas-Powered Excellence

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