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Ford Bronco Raptor: Is It the Right off-Road SUV for You?

Ford Bronco Raptor: Is It the Right off-Road SUV for You?

The Ford Bronco Raptor is the top-tier, high-performance off-road Ford SUV. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this impressive vehicle.

When Ford brought back the Bronco, it was only a matter of time before they would also give us a high-performance version. The Raptor model brings the heat with incredible power, exclusive off-road gear, and a name that strikes fear in the hearts of other off-roaders. Still, it’s not all sunshine and roses with this SUV.

Pro: Heated Seats

The heated seats in the Raptor are excellent, giving you the comfort and heating you want on cold mornings out on the trails. You won’t have to shiver and feel cold while riding the trails when you’ve got a warm tushy in this SUV.

Con: Rear Seat Legroom

If you want to go off-roading with some of your taller friends, they aren’t going to be comfortable in the rear of your Ford Bronco Raptor. There isn’t enough legroom for most passengers to stretch out or even adjust on the fly.

Pro: The Raptor Is Maneuverable

This incredible SUV is big and imposing, making many feel it might be difficult to park and maneuver. The short wheelbase makes it relatively easy to put this off-road Ford SUV in a parking space when you’re ready to enjoy your time at dinner or when using it as a daily driver.

Con: The Hardtop

Most drivers love the hardtop on the Bronco Raptor because it gives them the security of an enclosed space and the versatility to take the top off when desired. Unfortunately, this top can become noisy because it’s made of three panels that might allow air to cause disruption.

Pro: Independent Front Suspension

Unlike the solid front axle of the Jeep Wrangler, the Ford Bronco Raptor features an independent front suspension and axle setup which is perfect for your on-road driving. This suspension system is beefy enough for Baja driving and smooth enough for the roads.

Con: Inconsistent Connectivity

This Ford SUV is supposed to have wireless connectivity, but it doesn’t seem to work very well at all. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems work great, but not the wireless part of it. It might be better to simply keep a charging cord in the vehicle and use that to connect.

Pro: Its Customizable

As you would expect, the Ford Bronco Raptor can be customized to your tastes. There are several ways to improve your vehicle, and the equipment you purchase can be connected to the upfitter switches inside the cabin to make those added items seem like they were part of the initial package.

Con: V6 Engine

The Raptor version of this Ford SUV is incredible. It delivers amazing power and performance, but Ford stopped short and should offer some type of Raptor R as they do with the F-150. This would hopefully mean a V8 engine under the hood that delivers insane power.

Pro: Global Windows

Using your key fob, all four windows of the Bronco Raptor can be rolled down at the same time. This can occur while you’re standing outside of the vehicle, which makes it easy to air out the Ford and create a more comfortable place. This also makes it easier to take the doors off.

Con: Fewer Customization Options Than Other Bronco Models

The Ford Bronco Raptor is a complete vehicle, but most drivers still want to customize it to meet their needs with some additional gear. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many items available to customize or improve the Raptor as some of the other Bronco models.

Pro: Removeable Doors

The Bronco Raptor doors can be taken off to give you the open-air feeling you want to enjoy. The doors are easy to take off using the provided toolkit, and the windows are secure in the lowest position in the doors when removed. This makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors in this Ford SUV.

Con: Ventilated Seats Are Not Available

This Ford SUV is a six figure vehicle and it can’t be had with ventilated/air-conditioned seats from the factory. You can order a package to upgrade the seats with the cooling you want, but those costs quite a bit more. Unfortunately, the cooling function found in many vehicles is not included in the Ford Bronco Raptor.

These pros and cons give you an idea of a few things to look for in the Ford Bronco Raptor. Overall, this is an awesome top-end Ford off-road SUV that can easily be the most fun and adventurous vehicle you ever drive.

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